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Category Archives: Handbook of logistics

Storage equipment

Racks for pallets - control the distribution and storage of packaged stocks, helps to increase profitability through the economical and rational use of space in the warehouse. Warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities around the world use pallet racks more than any other equipment for packaged product storage. Racks for pallets - control the distribution…
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Classification of warehouses

There are many classifications of warehouses. The most convenient and frequently used classification is the one from the London agency KnightFrankCo.: Storage facilities can be divided into 4 main classes: A (A +), B (B +), C, D. Highest grade A + - Modern single floor building, consisting of light metal structures and preferably shaped…
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Loading and unloading equipment

Kharkiv warehouse To increase productivity in warehouse enterprises, it is necessary to use loading and unloading equipment, for each work it is recommended to use a special type of equipment. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main types of technology. Pallet jack Manual Manual pallet jack is a subject of manual use. Used…
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Types of tare and packing

Tare classification Distinguish between inner and outer packaging. Inner packaging is the primary container in which goods are placed at the place of production. Inner packagings include packages, boxes, bottles, cases, cans, etc., Inner packs soften possible impacts during transportation, prevent ingress of moisture, dust, and odors. For tourist transfers, private hotels, hotels and clubs…
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