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Category Archives: Tare, packing, placement of goods in transport

Types of tare and packing

Tare classification Distinguish between inner and outer packaging. Inner packaging is the primary container in which goods are placed at the place of production. Inner packagings include packages, boxes, bottles, cases, cans, etc., Inner packs soften possible impacts during transportation, prevent ingress of moisture, dust, and odors. For tourist transfers, private hotels, hotels and clubs…
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Main types of pallets

Familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of basic types of pallets. Metal pan. Benefits: - Stronger than wood or plastic pallets; - Weatherproof. Do not rot, do not decay; - Do not crack like wooden pallets; - Suitable for reuse; - Suitable for food and chemical industries because they are easy to clean; -…
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Normative base

Commercial and legal relationship between the senders and recipients of goods and enterprises  Cargo organization The carriage of goods in containers and on pallets by air is carried out according to plans approved in the established manner. Transportation of goods not provided for by the plan or presented above the plan is carried out according…
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