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Category Archives: Handbook of logistics

Main types of pallets

Familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of basic types of pallets. Metal pan. Benefits: - Stronger than wood or plastic pallets; - Weatherproof. Do not rot, do not decay; - Do not crack like wooden pallets; - Suitable for reuse; - Suitable for food and chemical industries because they are easy to clean; -…
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Container types and sizes

Containerization of cargo is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the world and almost all products are transported in containers. Cargo in containers is still exposed to climatic, biological and chemical influences. If transportation must take place without loss, choosing the right type of container is fundamental. The information on containers is described below. Standard container A…
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Container inspection (CSC)

Any container used for international shipments must have a safety approval plate or “CSC plate”. CSC is an abbreviation of the Container Security Convention. To avoid damage during transport, the container should be inspected before and after packaging. Inspection before packing Outside the container: There are no cracks or holes in the walls or on…
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