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Loading and unloading equipment

Kharkiv warehouse

To increase productivity in warehouse enterprises, it is necessary to use loading and unloading equipment, for each work it is recommended to use a special type of equipment. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main types of technology.

Pallet jack


Manual pallet jack is a subject of manual use. Used in large premises, retail stores and warehouses. The hand truck as well as the hand-held stackers are made of high-strength steel construction, and are mechanisms for maximum ergonomics. Easy to use, even in limited workplaces.

Pallet Truck

Pallet trucks are ideal for various loading needs in stores, warehouses and loading docks. Pallet trucks have an extremely strong endurance and well-protected construction, less fragile components than rocket, low energy consumption and reusable parts. These features increase the product life cycle, reduce the need for maintenance and reduce costs.



Stacker is a mechanism with a mast for lifting pallets to great heights. Stackers are most often used for the transportation of goods over short distances and lifting pallets, where a loader is not needed or does not fit. The ideal place of application is small warehouses or specialized storage sections. It is also an economical solution for loading and unloading a trailer. First of all, stackers are used indoors because have no large wheel sizes, so it easily maneuvers between the racks. We recommend to use on flat concrete floors for smooth movement.


 Very narrow aisle loader - helping to get the most out of warehouse space. Due to the compact dimensions of machinery, loaders can be effectively used in corridors 1500 mm wide and lift pallets to a height of 9000 mm.

Electric loaders are a quiet, environmentally friendly way of handling a wide range of goods, including pallets, pallet boxes and racks.

Diesel models have the power to cope with the problem of external conditions and demanding operating cycles, while gasoline models are quite flexible when used both indoors and outdoors.

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