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Familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of basic types of pallets.

Metal pan.
- Stronger than wood or plastic pallets;
- Weatherproof. Do not rot, do not decay;
- Do not crack like wooden pallets;
- Suitable for reuse;
- Suitable for food and chemical industries because they are easy to clean;
- Very durable.


- It is heavier in weight than other pallets, so transportation costs more.

Pallet of plywood.

- Pretty tough;
- Lightweight, ideal for transportation;
- Minimum moisture absorption;
- Plywood has a smooth, clean surface;

- It deteriorates from water if left outside the room;
- It is difficult to store in the racks;

Pressed pallet.

- A light weight;
- Good strength for its weight;
- Reuse;
- Can be combined effectively over each other;
- Very low moisture content;
- Easy to handle.


- Suffer from water if left outside the room;
- It is difficult to store in the racks;
- Not many warehouses are created to store these types of pallets, so movement between warehouses may be limited.

Plastic tray.

- The high bearing ability and anti skid surface;
- Lightweight - from 5.5 kg (1200 x 800 mm);
- Resistant to moisture and corrosion;
- 100% recyclable. Can be recycled and reused;
- Duration of operation is more than 10 years;
- Resistance to chemicals, such as acids and alkalis;
- Safe to handle; no screws, nails, splinters;
- Possible to use in any climatic conditions;
- Easy to clean (rinsed, steamed and disinfected) and to remove any bacteria

- If there is a crack or tear in the plastic tray, the repair is not so simple, because the material must be melted and made in a new way;
- More expensive compared to wooden pallets;
- Generally not suitable for storage on the shelves;

Wooden pallet

- Durable;
- Suitable for storage in racks;
- Cheaper than pallets from other materials;
- Simplicity of repair, as they are made of various boards, can be renewed and reused;
- Can be resold;
- Materials for the pallet can be collected from recycled materials;
- Can be recycled;
- Quick and easy to make.

- Pretty heavy, so they are more expensive (for air traffic);
- It is very difficult to clean, and if they get wet, it can lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi;
- Splinters, protruding nails, deformation - it is necessary to regularly monitor the condition of the pallets.

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