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Rolling stock parameters

Using the railway for transportation of goods means the desire to secure your cargo and deliver without damage. Below is a description of railway carriages for transportation.


Two-level auto container

The workhorse of the industry. This fenced double-decker truck carrier is used to transport minibuses, trucks and cars. There is a side protection against damage during transportation.

Three-level auto container

It transports an average of 15 cars. For protection, a metal or plastic case is used to prevent damage during transportation, cars arrive in such a condition to the showroom.

Box car for auto parts

The car is designed for the carriage of car parts. There are doors opening 20 feet for easy loading and unloading

Coal - Open Hopper

Coal / Petroleum coke - open hoppers provide a fast and economical way to load and unload bulk cargo.

Longitudinal carriage

For transportation of boards and panels. Used in the timber industry to transport lumber. Transportation of goods from 80 to 97 tons ..

The car for transportation of products from a tree (logging)

Specially designed for the forest industry. The 73-foot carriage combines ease of loading and maximum safety for the product.

Wagon for Ore and Minerals

Made of aluminum and steel, it is easy to immerse and protect against water. Provide maximum protection for items. Also used for the transport of coiled steel.


Multi-purpose flat cars. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Length up to 89 feet and capacity from 72 to 113 tons ..

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