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Social position

Reliable work of the company and stable positions in the market are unthinkable without the trust of the society and partners, colleagues and clients.

Mobilis Outsourcing is constantly progressing, becoming better for you and trying to make the life that surrounds you better.

Active social position is one of the principles of the company's activities. With every successful project and satisfied customer, our professionalism increases, we improve ourselves, the world around us improves and, therefore, we fulfill our obligations.

"Mobilis Outsourcing" is constantly expanding the boundaries of its activities, our efforts are aimed not only at commercial development, but also on social programs for public organizations. In particular, for a long time, we are pleased to provide support ...

From the very day of its foundation on January 17, 2012, our company has taken as a basis a socially oriented approach. The new client for us is not just the start of another project, but also the beginning of long-term warm, human relationships, friendly and affiliate. The new employee is not just a business unit, but also a Person. Creating favorable working conditions for employees of the company, increasing employee loyalty to the company, preserving, strengthening and preventing their health, raising the professional level of the staff, good faith and responsible attitude towards them is one of the most important aspects of our company's social policy and also a tool for long-term social investment.

Awareness of responsibility towards its employees, customers and the country is a major sign of the maturity and professionalism of any business. We live among people and we are not alien to the problems and difficulties of modern society.

Mobilis Outsourcing is always ready to help. The company confidently assumes professional and social obligations and performs them, no matter what difficulties we have encountered.