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Warehouse services

Warehousing, outsourcing is a range of services consisting of the organization of loading and unloading operations, receiving goods, timely provision of areas for cargo storage, accounting, picking, packaging and labeling of goods.

Using the services of our warehouse service and custody, you can spend more time on your business and customers, forgetting about the hassles associated with the organization of the process of finding premises, loading equipment, hiring warehouse workers, monitoring the safety of cargo. You can entrust all this to us, and carry out remote monitoring using regular reports and video surveillance.

Mobilis Outsourcing provides the following services:
- Responsible storage of goods in major cities of Ukraine;
- Cargo loading/ unloading;
- Sorting, picking a pallet, formation and pre-sale preparation of goods;
- Cross-docking (the process of receiving and shipment of goods without storage services);
- Providing reports;

We have experience of 7 years of stable work in the market of Ukraine!
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